NYC Street Grill is a family owned and operated Halal Restaurant, serving all of the NYC halal cart style foods. They are one of the few halal restaurants in the Pocono area.

Project Details

The owner wanted to enhance their brand identity and recognition. They were looking for a new consistent color scheme, message, and design language while also increasing the pricing in the store. The concern was original presentation of the business did not reflect the value the owners wanted to portray. 

During our discover sessions we found that one of the most important points of the brand was authenticity. This is a family-owned and operated business serving authentic Halal food. The owners took NYC Halal cart favorites and presented them in a full-scale restaurant. The design that they had originally featured lots of open white space.

We leaned into the “NYC STREET” style introducing lots more black to the design. We paired the high contrast of Black and white with green to show the value of the fresh food they are making. The owner takes pride in providing healthy fresh halal foods with generous portions.

We took photos of the menu items on glassware plates to show that this is a place where a customer can enjoy a home-cooked meal. Although the customer takes the food in a tray we want them to still see the food with wholesome values.





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