NYC is known for hotdogs and Halal. This is what happens when we create a restaurant serving all of the NYC halal cart-style foods. They are one of the few halal restaurants in the Pocono area.

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NYC Street Grill

The owner wanted to improve their brand’s identity and recognition. They sought a consistent color scheme, message, and design language, as well as a price increase in the store. They felt that the original presentation of the business did not effectively convey the value they wanted to portray.

During our discovery sessions, we discovered that authenticity was one of the most important aspects of the brand. The business is family-owned and operated, specializing in serving authentic Halal food. They took popular dishes from NYC Halal carts and presented them in a full-scale restaurant setting. The initial design featured a lot of open white space.

To enhance the brand’s identity, we embraced a “NYC STREET” style by incorporating more black into the design. We combined the high contrast of black and white with green to highlight the freshness of the food they prepare. The owner takes pride in offering healthy, fresh Halal food with generous portions.

To showcase the homely feel of the restaurant, we photographed the menu items on glassware plates. This conveys to customers that they can enjoy a home-cooked meal at the establishment. Although the food is served on trays, we wanted customers to still appreciate the wholesome values of the food.


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