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brand identity

Discover how to connect deeply with your audience, craft a unique message, and create a visual identity that resonates. 

What You Will Learn

Understanding Your Business & Branding Goals

Identifying and Connecting with Your Target Audience

Crafting a Compelling Business Message and Voice

Developing a Strong Visual Identity and Digital Presence

Mastering Brand Development

A Comprehensive Done - With- You Brand Identity Service

Understanding Your Business and Audience

Your business fundamentals, understanding your current and potential consumers, and identifying common traits among them for effective segmentation and targeted marketing strategies.

Color and Typography in Branding

Focusing on the finer details of visual identity, this section delves into the choice of colors and fonts. It highlights the importance of color psychology and typography in conveying your brand’s story and establishing its tone and personality.

Barebones Branding Guide

Crafting Your Brand's Core Message

The critical aspects of defining your business's unique voice and message, as well as the initial steps in creating a visual identity. It includes choosing the right logo type and understanding the impact of imagery in branding.

Building a Cohesive Brand Identity

It also includes a summarization of key learnings and additional resources for ongoing brand development and enhancement.

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Why we made this guide.

Throughout our extensive experience in graphic design, brand design, and web development, we’ve discovered a common challenge among our entrepreneurial and small business clients: a lack of clarity in understanding how to construct a brand narrative that authentically represents their story identifies their target audience and defines the purpose of their product. Often, the default response we encountered was ‘everyone’ when asked about their intended market. Recognizing this gap, we felt compelled to develop a comprehensive guide and system, a tool born out of numerous one-on-one sessions, to empower these businesses with the knowledge and strategies needed for effective brand-building.

The 'Bare Bones Branding' Advantage

Unlock the Power of Audience Connection with ‘Bare Bones Branding’: Discover Your Brand’s Audience and Craft a Narrative That Resonates!

Client Testimonials

I've gained incredible insights into who my customers really are. The workbook's exercises led me to an understanding of my audience, allowing me to tailor my brand message to truly resonate. It's not just a book; it's a game-changer for any entrepreneur looking to make a genuine connection with their market.
Small Business Owner
This workbook is a treasure trove for anyone in branding and marketing. It helped me refine our company's branding strategy by focusing on crafting a narrative that speaks directly to our audience.
Marketing Professional
The comprehensive approach to building a brand narrative has not only enhanced my consultancy approach but also provided my clients with clear, actionable steps to elevate their brands.
Branding Consultant
Branding Consultant

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