Coax Sanitation Company

Coax Sanitation Company was looking for a way to make a big impact in Atlanta during a time of chaos in a clean fresh and safe way.

Project Details

Coax Sanitation Co. is an eco-friendly cleaning company in the greater Atlanta area. During the tail end of 2020, their mass cleaning efforts with the use of specialized and safe cleaning solutions, aided in the successful reopening of social and workspaces such as gyms, restaurants, and offices.

While we walked through all of the values of the Coax Sanitation Company (Coaxsc). We discovered that the eco-friendly outlook was the most important thing to the owner. The audience of the spaces they were cleaning we social spaces like gyms and restaurants. The Safe Nature of their chemical solution was pivotal.

The owners of the company wanted a color palette and brand that not only shows how they help create safety from microorganisms like Covid but the safety of the chemicals used to clean as well.



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